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Forest management

Forest management is necessary to
  1. ensure the most even and sustainable use of wood resources;

  2. preserve the ecological value of the forest;

  3. promote reforestation, forest quality and sustainability;

  4. comply with general nature protection requirements;

  5. to ensure the preservation of forest biological diversity;

  6. maintain the forest's ability to protect the soil from erosion;

  7. protect surface and groundwater from pollution;

  8. promote forest resilience and adaptation to climate change.

How may "Vidusdaugavas Meži" help you?

Peace about your forest - it is possible with "Vidusdaugava forests". By entrusting the management of your forest to "Vidusdaugavas Meži", you will get a reliable partner, that takes care of your forest. Our competent team will take care of:

1. development of a forest management plan, in accordance with all legal requirements and standards (in line with Latvian legislation);

2. long-term forest management, in accordance with the developed plan;

3. consultations on the best solution for your forest for the most efficient and sustainable management - planning and use of wood resources, forest restoration and observance of nature protection requirements, forest assessment and other services.

We will develop the best and most efficient forest management plan for you, according to your needs and wishes. 

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