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Forest - it is a huge asset and at the same time a responsibility for the sustainable restoration of this natural resource


We, “Vidusdaugavas Meži” will help you to gain peace and security about your forest!

“Vidusdaugavas Meži” mission

Our mission is to promote and maintain strong forests in Latvia, to fully preserve and restore this natural resource.

Social corporte responsibility

Forest lands cover 52% of the territory of Latvia (3.35 million hectares). On average in Europe, forests cover 33% of the country's land area, which means that Latvia is a rich forest country and this valuable natural resource must be valued and treated with great responsibility. "Vidusdaugavas Meži" takes responsibility and treats the forest with high reverence. The forest is not only our job and profession, but also a matter of the heart. As we spend so much time in forest and about forest, we understand  the best what the forest needs and what the forest-human interaction is. Over the years, a number of areas that concern us the most and that we are working on have emerged:

1. Cleanliness in the forest
We all want to live in a tidy and clean environment. If 52% of the territory of Latvia is covered by forest, wouldn't it be wonderful if this environment were really the cleanest and tidiest? Our faith and conviction is for a clean forest! That is why our social corporate responsibility activities are based on forest cleaning. Every year we get involved in the "Big Cleaning Day of Latvia", as well as organize smaller and more local clean-ups, in cooperation with like-minded companies and individuals. We also invite our customers to get involved in our initiatives

2. Human-forest interaction

Having worked with forests for many years and having spent a large part of our time in forests, we understand how much the Latvian people need a forest. We live in a forest nation, the forest is such an extra that is available to every inhabitant of Latvia free of charge and in large quantities. Long walks in the forest, berries & mushrooms picking, bird watching - and there are more activities, how a person can interact with the forest. In order to share the information and knowledge available to us, within the framework of our social responsibility direction “Human-forest interaction”, we are happy to organize seminars, prepare information sources and go on forest expeditions with our customers and other interested parties!

“Vidusdaugavas Meži” provided services

We are a full-cycle forestry company - starting with trade (purchase, sale) with felling areas, young stands and forests, ending with the planting of young stands and long-term forest management. Our range of services includes:

How may “Vidusdaugavas Meži” help?

We are always open for a discussion and consultation on any forest-related question. Peace and security for your forest - it is our priority!

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