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Forest property trade

"Vidusdaugavas Meži" is your trusted partner, that works in Latvia market for over 20 years.
We can help you with forest trade - in both ways, either you search for a forest to buy or would like to sell forest property, contact us and let us to prepare the most efficient offer according to your needs!
How may "Vidusdaugavas Meži" help you?
Forest property for sale

"Vidusdaugavas Meži" is your reliable partner in various transactions with the forest - we will prepare an offer to evaluate your forest and agree on the most advantageous option for its sale. "Vidusdaugavas Meži" works with forests, managing them, planting young stands, maintaining the health and quality of the forest, therefore we are constantly interested in acquiring new territories and we are open to offers for forest purchase.

We work with both legal entity and individuals. We are interested in buying various forests - both young stands, felling areas and forest properties. If you have decided to sell your forest, contact us and we will agree on the best conditions for your forest.

Purchase of forest property

Forest property in Latvia is a sustainable, very valuable investment. If you have decided in favor of buying a forest in Latvia, regardless of whether you are a legal entity or an individual, we will be happy to cooperate with you! We will offer the most suitable and profitable forest property for your needs to buy, and we will provide free consultation on the legal side when buying a forest and on its management. By choosing cooperation with "Vidusdaugavas Meži", you will get a reliable, knowledgeable partner throughout the process, starting with forest property selection, acquisition, document preparation, ending with the development of a management plan and management it self, as well as, if necessary, we will help you to sell or transform the forest into other land property.

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