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Forest planting and care of young stands

We care about your forest
How may "Vidusdaugavas Meži" help you?

Forest planting is a complex measure that consists of several stages. By entrusting forest planting to "Vidusdaugavas Meži", you will obtain a professional approach and high quality of work. Our competent team will advise you and perform all the necessary work so that planting of forest will bring you the maximum value and high future return of investment.

  1. Before planting the forest, we will observe the condition of the soil and take all the necessary steps to prepare the soil, taking into account your wishes, needs and possibilities. During the process we will agree on the best planting material - we work only with certified and experienced planting material suppliers. The selected material is transported, stored under appropriate thermal conditions and prepared for planting by our professionals. An important aspect for a successful outcome is the preparation phase of the planting material. We will make sure of the quality of the roots of the seedlings and make the necessary changes, store them at the appropriate temperature and control the most efficient use of all seedlings during planting.

  2. The optimal time for planting is in the spring until the buds bloom or later - in October (when the active growing season is over), but the planting time also depends on the soil and seedlings, so the exact time to plant your forest will be determined individually, taking into account various factors.

  3. We will control the number of planting places and planting density in advance, in coordination with you, as it depends on the type of trees, soil and the total size of the area being planted.

Forest planting process
Young stands care

After the successful completion of the forest planting process, another responsible phase of the forest life begins - care and management. For a forest to grow healthy and with high future value, most important factor is care. The main mission of "Vidusdaugavas Meži" is to promote and maintain strong Latvian forests, which is why we will be the best partner in forest management.

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