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Stigma and dasting

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To prepare your forest for felling,

it is necessary to perform

stigma and dasting.

Entrust "Vidusdaugavas Meži" to help you with consultations, preparation of the plan, execution of works and all necessary documentation.

What is stigma?

The purpose of stigma is to mark clearly visible boundaries. The border is marked with a ribbon, paint or a visor.

The stigma is performed by an independent expert, after which a sketch is drawn. The legislation of the Republic of Latvia states that stigma is mandatory if the forest is felled in the main felling. In order to carry out felling of felling areas, a plan of forest plots must be submitted, as well as forest inventory must be performed.

What is dasting?

The purpose of dosing is to accurately determine the amount of trees in the felling area, so all trees have to measured. Dasting is performed by an independent specialist, measuring the diameter of all trees that are higher than 1.3 m from the neck of the tree roots. In order to determine the stock according to dasting data, it is necessary to determine the average height for each tree species. Using these measurements, m3 of stand stock can occur according to the volume tables of trees.

How may "Vidusdaugavas Meži" help you?

We offer a full cycle of stigma and dasting services - starting with the consultations and preparation of documentation, that is needed by the legislation and ending with the service it self, that is done by our experts. As well we offer services of submission and coordination of sketches and plans to State institutions. By entrusting your forest to "Vidusdaugavas Meži", you will obtain a professional, constructive attitude, which will result in a high-quality work.

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