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Forest valuation

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What is the value of a forest and how is it determined?
  1. The cadastral value of your forest and forest land is determined in the Latvian Republic Land Register. It is determined by the State Land Service according to the forest inventory data, taking into account the type of forest growth conditions and land restrictions in use. Real estate tax is calculated on the basis of cadastral value.

  2. The market value of land is more difficult to measure and depends on various factors. The market value is the basis for the sale price of the land, which is determined by the current market conditions and the specifics of the property itself. The age of the forest is important in determining the value of the forest - an older forest has the highest current value, a forest with many young stands has a high future value. The value of the forest is rapidly reduced by felling, so it is important to approach forest management in a professional manner.

What factors affect the value of the forest?

The value of the forest market is influenced by various factors that can be improved through targeted and sustainable forest management:

1. Age of the forest - the market value of an older forest is higher because it has a high value at the present time;

2. Location of the property - the market value is affected by how easy or difficult it is to access the forest;

3. Property size - the forest area size is important;

4. Tree species located in the forest - conifers and hard deciduous trees provide higher forest value, while soft deciduous trees reduce it;

5. Tidiness - non-restored fellings and untidy young stands can significantly reduce the value of the forest. Therefore, we recommend the best option to customers depending on the urgency of the forest sale, if the sale is not urgent, we offer to start with forest management, thus making the forest a safe long-term investment with a high future value;

6. Other factors - such as the ecological value of the forest, the forest soil (dry and fertile or wet forest growth conditions), the harvested timber stock (a small harvested timber stock reduces the forest value).

How may "Vidusdaugavas Meži" help you?

Forest valuation is one of our core services. Our goal is to help you make the most advantageous possible transaction - sale, purchase, management. We will evaluate your forest and find the most successful solution depending on your wishes and needs.

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